TAKTIX offers growth-enabling, cost-effective solutions for your progressing information technology demands. Our corporate family, founded in 1999, diligently provides customer-centered answers for a constantly evolving marketplace.

We recognize that tools do not resolve your IT issues - people do. By intelligently recruiting only the supremely qualified employees and consultants we are able to deliver highest quality service.

By choosing the TAKTIX family, our customers gain the expertise of a global pool of consultants, engineers, programmers and resources. We offer value by providing better support and services, not compromising quality. The TAKTIX competitive edge becomes your competitive edge, simply.

Our Services

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Web Application and eCommerce Solutions

We take special care for customized web application development, which are tailored to the client's precise business requirements. We deliver incorporating rich internet applications combining our solid cross-vertical experience, technological expertise, latest trends and an inhouse strategic framework based development methodology..

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Document Management and Scanning

TAKTIX has recently merged with Digital Archiving Solutions to provide businesses with a superior way to transform their filing headache with an efficient, secure and productivity maximizing solution. Wouldn't it be great if you could scan, retrieve and share documents quickly and easily throughout your office right from your desk?

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Intelligent Staffing Solutions

One of the most important components of a successful company is often overlooked and under-appreciated. This component is effective and timely staffing of corporate openings. Without employees in place, contracts will not be completed and production will either be slowed or come to a halt. So, it is obvious that, quick and efficient filling of open positions is important. But staffing is not only about filling positions. It is also about correctly filling openings. When missed, this piece of the corporate puzzle has doomed numerous companies to bankruptcy. What many in management fail to see is that filling positions is a time and revenue intensive task that has direct bottom line implications and that "getting it right the first time" will affect a company in a very positive way.